Lilly Of Great Pleasure



Parents 2nd 3rd
Ch. Hillbilly of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Can.)
Ch. Dearghan Rasmo v.d. Echtinger Grift
(Ch. Ger., VDH)
Ch. Tollarbos Adle Henne Perechtinger
(Ch. Neth., Ger., VDH)
Ch. Okra Mona v.d. Echtinger Grift
(Ch. Ger., Neth., VDH, WW'03)
Ch. Floral-Dans of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Lux., Slov., VDH)
Ch. Nitric Duck is my Drug
(Ch. Fin.)
Ch. Cayenne of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Lux., Slov., VDH)
Foxyvelvet Of Great Pleasure Ch. Cylas of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Ger., Lux., Neth., Slov., VDH)
Ch. Bernache's Liard of Caltansis
(Ch. Can.)
Ch. Autumnlace Of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Can., Lux.)
Ch. Zo New Year of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Lux., Ger., Slov., Neth., VDH)
Ch. Steady-line's Summersnow
(Ch. Ger., Lux., VDH)
Ch. Star Of Great Pleasure
(Ch. Lux., Neth., Ger., VDH)