Ch. Trilliumview's Copper Bracken (Bracken)

Optigen-PRA: clear by parents
Optigen tested normal for CEA
Eye Cert. CERF 01/04/2011
OFA Thyroid normal
Heart tested normal
Hips and Elbow certificate: University of Guelph "clear"

Bracken's titles:

Canadian Champion
Rally Novice
PRE - Companion Dog


Parents 2nd 3rd
Ch. Seastar's Roaneden Darkwater Ch. Kylador's Bustin Thru Th'Reeds Kylador's Jack of All Trades
Ch. Kylador's Karma Kamelia
Seastar's Sadie Hawkins Ch. Foxgrove's this Bud's for You
Driftwood's Rose
Ch. Kylador's Gracing Trilliumview Ch. Kylador's ZSeaforth Firetorch Ch. Berdia's Mississipi Gambler
Ch. Kare's Dawn Breaks at Kylador
Ch. Kylador's Xquisitely Diva Ch. Kylador's Jack of All Trades
Ch. Kylador's Crimson Taffeta