Banty-Red Rudolfovska skala (Juuf)

26/04/2004    + 2018

Ogen: vv
Optigen: C

Rheinland-Pfalz Sieger 2005
Luxemburgs Kampioen
Slovaaks Kampioen
Sieger Dresden 2006
VDH-Kampioen 2007


Parents 2nd 3rd 4th
Nordwart Laios Hingstbackes Red Dingo Applehill's Ok Zeiban Flyingtollers Lukas
Zeiban's New Happy World
Trindy's Happy World Nordwart Peleus
Zeiban's Hello World
Nordwart Fusa Harbourlights Secret Star Harbourlights Big Splash
Harbourlights Im Just Ducky
Nordwart Alva Harbourlights Heart Breaker
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks
Balada z Vlcich luk Red-Tollers Xanadu II Whistling Cliff Under The Red Sky Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy
Chevy Fa-Antastic Under the Red Sky
Red-Tollers Miss Mexx Benili's Elgon Roy
Red-Tollers Geesbee
Tueholt Red Ups-A-Daisy Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Jalna's Oneka The One 'N Only
Tueholt Red Raisin Red What A Surprise Tueholt
Tueholt Red Lovable Sunflower